As a Romanian or Bulgarian national, you are now able to move and reside freely in any Member State of the EU. You do not require leave to enter or remain to reside legally in the United Kingdom. You will have a right of residence in any EU Member State for the first 3 months of residence on an unrestricted basis and you can remain legally resident in that state as long as you wish, providing you are exercising a treaty right as a student, an employed, a self-employed person, or if you are self-sufficient. The effect of Brexit is not to be forgotten as well.

If you want to live or work in the UK, or to remain for more than three months, you may qualify to be issued with a registration certificate. Your family members may also qualify for the issue of a registration certificate or, if they are non-EEA nationals, a residence card. An extended family should apply for Registration Certificate. Description of each of these documents is outlined below:
1.Registration Certificate
These certificates are issued to those Europeans exercising treaty rights as self employed, self sufficient, worker or student. These certificates indicate that the holder has limited access to the labour market and will state the manner in which the holder is exercising a treaty right in any one of the available categories.
2. EEA Family Permits
These can only be issued to your family members to come to join you in the UK if they are non EEA nationals.
3. EEA Residence Cards
These can only be issued to your family members if they are non EEA nationals and are present in the UK. They confirm the holderĀ“s right of residence under European law.
5. Permanent Residence
Under the immigration rules, different categories of people may qualify for Indefinite leave to remain. However, under the rules applicable to the European nationals in the UK, permanent residence may be obtained, which is an equivalent of Indefinite leave to remain. To obtain a permanent residence, you must have exercised Treaty Rights for 5 years and one year after you can apply for Naturalization to become a British national. The European and foreign dependents can also apply for permanent residence but must show that they live with the principal applicant for the duration of the 5 year period. It is the case also that children born in the UK will qualify, after the parent(s) permanent residence, to become British, while those born outside the UK would have to qualify differently.

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