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We have been around for over 15 years

The partners and other case workers have been in legal practice from 1992.

While we are familiar with all areas of Immigration law and other legal area such as civil, family etc., we have chosen to specialize majorly on European Community law and regulations. Therefore, we are able to assist either the European as well as their family members including those family members who may be classified as foreigners. As such, when a European national married a foreigner, we can help. We can also help with such applications relating to distant relatives of even the foreigner that is married to the European National e.g children of such foreigners.

At M.J.Solomon & Partners Solicitors we aim to provide competent and clear advice based on a simple principle. Our first question is always whether we can make any significant difference to the conduct of your immigration or nationality affairs in the UK, since certainty is the key to a successful legal relationship. We handle all aspects of an individual's establishment or settlement in the United Kingdom. Whether it is for business, family matter, study related, or whether you wish to acquire British citizenship, we can provide you with a competent solution. Our immigration lawyers who are recognized leaders in the field of immigration and nationality law have published a book called "Practical Solutions to UK Immigration & Nationality Matters", which provides useful information on immigration and human rights issues.

Please note that we deal with Ankara Agreement also for Turkish Nationals. As experience would confirm, immigration benefits under the European Community is not dependent on the UK Immigration rules alone, as the knowledge of the European Treaty and European Court of Justice decision have their roles to play. As such, we constantly have to up-to date our bank of knowledge with latest developments in Europe as well us in the UK.


“ We understand the needs for professionalism, privacy and confidentiality in both our relationship with our customers as well as your clients. We do nothing to prejudice that relationship. Think of us as your attorney on demand. ”

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